An Ambassador Holiday Tale

Ambassador Holiday Group Shot

An Ambassador Holiday

‘Twas the eve of  December 10 and all through the venue,

GTECH Ambassadors shuffled in, bearing dishes to add to the menu.

An old-fashioned potluck was all that was promised,

But, boy oh boy, were those Ambassadors in attendance astonished!

See there were 6 generations of Ambassadors present that eve,

With 16 communities being represented, I do believe.

They chatted and laughed — sharing stories and tips aplenty,

About building gardens, comfy homes and filling lots that were empty.

Miss Lisa from Manchester just finished fundraising for a new mower,

And Sarah and Samantha discussed making Millvallians’ energy lower.

Shelley and Kim shared their dreams for a vacant McKeesport lot,

While Zinna wondered aloud what it takes to save her Homewood neighbors a watt.

Our Ambassadors are amazing, I doubt anyone in Pittsburgh would disagree.

Current or former, we are proud to have these Ambassadors as part of our community.

Help us support Ambassadors’ efforts in their communities. Make a donation to GTECH by December 31, and it will be matched.

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