Samantha Comarnitsky

[Former] ReEnergize Pittsburgh Ambassador

Although Samantha’s role as a formal ReEnergize Ambassador is over, she remains an involved and important participant in the program!

 “I am extremely excited about working with my neighbors to find little ways to make us all feel more comfortable in our homes!”

About Me.

I’m a Pittsburgh transplant, but I have been in the ‘burgh for almost 8 years. I currently work with Pediatric Residents in training and enjoying helping train the doctors of our future. When not working, I enjoy spending time working on home projects with my boyfriend and settling into our new neighborhood with our tubby cat, Bubs. I think the biggest challenge that faces Millvale is the lack of space where the community can gather. There are specific areas, such as the library, community center, firehouse, VFW, but no place that brings a variety of people together.

What is your proudest achievement?

I would say it was being promoted into my current position. I worked in my previous role for less than 2 years and really gave it my all. Being recognized to move to the next level gave me pride in all I had done in the previous two years.

What is your favorite place in your neighborhood?

I love my front porch. Since I moved into the neighborhood in the middle of winter, it was difficult to meet my neighbors. In the summer I tried to sit on the porch as much as possible and meet and wave to everyone passing by.

Why do you think it is important to help your neighbors become more energy efficient?

Millvale is full of old, beautiful homes. But with that beautiful architecture comes inefficiencies that make for chilly winters. My hope is to help my neighbors find inexpensive ways to help make their homes more comfortable.