CommunityCare Pilot

Connect. Maintain. Inspire.

The simple act of maintaining green space improves a community’s appearance, decreases crime, and contributes to a healthy and resilient environment. Currently, there is a shortage of resources being allocated to proactively maintain green and open spaces in the public realm, resulting in overgrown, unsafe, and inactive lots and green investments. Additionally, this is an issue that disproportionately affects low- and moderate-income communities who may not always have the capacity to donate ‘free time’ to volunteerism efforts. Grounded is piloting an approach to address this challenge by developing and testing an incentive-based stewardship model called CommunityCare. Grounded Strategies’ CommunityCare Program will adapt the traditional approach to volunteer-led stewardship to recognize, reward, and equip residents to participate in greenspace maintenance work. The program is designed to build a culture of stewardship through:

  1. curated network of resources and tools that exist to sustain capacity and advance the professional and personal growth of participants.
  2. Forms of non-monetary compensation that are used to keep public costs low and that meet social needs as noted and valued by participants.
  3. Opportunities to increase the social cohesion of individual residents who share a common experience in their community

The CommunityCare program is being piloted in Homewood. CommunityCare participants (or ‘Stewards’) actively maintain green and open spaces throughout the neighborhood. Site activities range from routine maintenance on a landscaped lot to tending to street trees. Grounded and our partners work with each participant to ensure they are equipped to complete their assigned activities and receive non-monetary compensation for their work. CommunityCare Stewards also participate in educational workshops to increase their capacity to address additional land use concerns.

View the CommunityCare Infographic to learn more about the process.


CommunityCare stewards can use the map below to identify site options where they can earn credits. Click on the icons to learn more about the activities available at each site.