What’s in that bag? Window Plastic!

What’s in that bag? Window Plastic!

With the ReEnergize Pgh Energy Efficiency Challenge swinging into full gear, here’s an insider’s look at what participants are working with.


Every household that signs up to be a part of the competition receives a ReEnergize Pgh Energy Efficiency toolkit! Our Ambassadors have been hard at work getting these useful tools into the hands of Homewood, Hazelwood and Millville residents. This week, we’ve looked inside the Energy Efficiency toolkits and discovered the energy saving power of shower timers, weather stripping, caulk and outlet caps & covers!

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ReEnergize Pittsburgh Window Plastic

Window plastic is an easy, cost effective way to insulate windows in cold weather.


ReEnergize Pgh window plastic includes everything you need to cover 4 windows. Double sided adhesive tape, directions, and 4 sheets of shrink fit plastic!

To see the Energy Efficiency kits in action, check out this video where our Hazelwood Ambassador George explains in detail how to install the items easily in your home!

Video Credits: Starring ReEnergize Pgh Ambassador George Thomas and his son George Thomas Jr of Hazelwood. Many thanks to CMU Professor Nina Baird and her class, Community Collaboration & Sustainable Redevelopment. Nafisa Nalwala filmed and edited the video. Work was made possible by a Pillars of Sustainability grant from Alcoa Foundation.


For more information, visit energy.gov.

Win your own ReEnergize Pittsburgh toolkit – share your favorite energy saving tip(s) in the comments section below. We will announce winners on Monday.


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