What’s in that bag? Caulk!

What’s in that bag?

With the ReEnergize Pgh Energy Efficiency Challenge swinging into full gear, here’s an insider’s look at what participants are working with.


Every household that signs up to be a part of the competition receives a ReEnergize Pgh Energy Efficiency kit! Our Ambassadors have been hard at work getting these out into their neighborhoods, and encouraging their neighbors to utilize them.


So…what makes these kits so great?
They are chock full of energy saving goodies!


ReEnergize Pittsburgh Caulk


“Caulking is a cost-effective, low-tech strategy that saves money and improves comfort.”







These awesome E-Z Roll-Up tubes mean you don’t need a caulk gun to start sealing your home!

Similar to weatherstripping, caulk can be used to seal air leaks. Where weatherstripping is well suited for moveable components – doors and windows– caulk is better suited to stationary components of your home. Simple and easy to use, in only a few minutes you can use a tube of caulk to stop cold air from coming in through drafty windows and doors.

When cold weather forced the Consumer Federation of America to release a list of ten ways to reduce home energy cost, caulking was near the top at #3!

 “Our goal,” said CFA’s Energy Projects Manager Mel Hall-Crawford, “is to provide simple, easy tips that require little or no investment but have significant payoffs in terms of energy savings.”

– consumerfed.org

For more information on , visit energy.gov.

Stay tuned for the rest of the What’s in that bag? posts this week!

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