Welcome Lauren – GTECH GSI Community Liaison

We are very excited to welcome Lauren Bivins as a Community Liaison in Marshall-Shadeland!

A couple months ago we highlighted our Community Liaisons that are supporting our GTECH GSI project in Woods Run. We’ve got a new addition to the team and are excited to introduce her.

fullsizerender-1Lauren Bivins

Neighborhood: Marshall-Shadeland

What is your favorite thing about your neighborhood? I enjoy the diversity and caring neighbors that keep the community growing with each generation.

Why are you excited about this project? When anything new comes into the community that will allow both adults and children to participate excites me. I’m also excited about learning more about how green stormwater infrastructure can affect water inside and outside our homes. Lastly, I’m excited about the demonstration projects which will allow us to implement real changes that will also be a learning opportunity. 

What are ways that you are currently involved in your neighborhood? I am active in the community church and also my family’s restaurant Cafe on the Corner, but I am looking for even more involvement for my children and myself.

We are excited about the opportunity to work with Lauren, Adam, Maria, and Dorrie to help maximize project reach and impact! Keep an eye on the GTECH GSI page to stay up to date on progress on the project.

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