Does sustainability = diversity?

GTECH is getting started with another year of evaluating and improving our internal practices through the Green Workplace Challenge! We are  joining other Pittsburgh area organizations in a collective effort to make our region a more sustainable place to live and work.

This year, Sustainable Pittsburgh added a whole new focus area to these sustainable efforts: social equity. These actions focus on Diversity & Inclusion, equitable pay and benefits, and transparency.  Here at GTECH we are excited to be encouraged in this way toward our organizational goals!

The social equity playbook from the GWC played right into an existing GTECH project exploring additional partnerships and overlap with our friends over at Tree Pittsburgh. As part of this project, GTECH and Tree Pittsburgh staff attended two three hour trainings in August put on by Mary and Lizzie at Just Collaboration. These trainings focused on increasing our understanding of privilege, micro-aggressions, and intersectionality. We discussed ways our organizations can listen to diverse voices, combat systemic racism, and increase environmental justice.

Here are some of the key thoughts we left with:

  • It’s okay to be uncomfortable – these aren’t easy conversations to have.
  • Take time to reflect & think – sometimes you need to mull it over.
  • Collaborate! – team work makes the dream work, after all.
  • Think about who influences you, your life and your decisions.
  • Most importantly – Don’t stop learning.

One of our favorite things about the Green Workplace Challenge is when actions align with priorities we have already committed to as an organization. In the coming months, we look forward to continuing to explore the ways our participation in the GWC can reinforce our commitment to sustainability and diversity.

This blog is part of the GWC 2016 blog series! Read more.

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