We’re in for GWC 4.0!

GTECH Strategies is excited to participate again in the Pittsburgh Green Workplace Challenge, a local competition put on by Sustainable Pittsburgh to recognize and encourage sustainable achievements by businesses and organizations.

Even though we have a green and healthy environment in mind when designing our projects, the Green Workplace challenge encouraged us to look internally at our office behaviors and policies and make them even greener.

If you remember last year, GTECH’s hard work and dedication led us to victory in the small nonprofit category! We IMG_4102also had the top commuter footprint reduction across all participating organizations.

We are so excited to bring back the enthusiasm of our Green Team this year in GWC 4.0. This year, our staff is especially excited about:

  • Defending our legacy
  • Engaging all of our employees in a collective greening effort
  • Mentoring a neighboring organization as they participate for the first time
  • New social equity actions
  • Pioneering innovative ways to save energy
  • Sharing resources and ideas
  • Starting a bike pool
  • The new competition structure, including the ribbons for completing actions in certain categories of actions

Join us on Thursday, June 16 for the GWC kick-off ceremony at the August Wilson Center. If you can’t make it there, don’t worry – you can still participate in the challenge. While the competition has already begun, you still have until August 31, 2016, to sign up.

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