Leadership lessons #412: Let the Brilliance Flow

Organizations are a lot like watersheds – with tributaries of brilliance flowing towards a central channel of organizational knowledge and capability.  Embracing that flow – and in fact even being directed by it – seems to be the mark of successful leadership.  In my case, I have been incredibly fortunate to be at the delta of two rivers of wisdom and expertise…(I hope everyone is appreciating the rich Pittsburgh analogies) that come together to form the power and prowess of our organization.  

This fall, we are proud to share that two of our fearless leaders have been recognized for their outstanding contributions and capabilities.  

Budgeting in Action
Classic office stock photo – “budgeting in action”

Chief Financial Officer, Kevin Gieder has been recognized as one of the Pittsburgh Business Times CFO’s of the Year as he is the shared CFO for four additional Environmental Non-Profits in Pittsburgh (Bike Pittsburgh, Construction Junction, Nine Mile Run WatershedAssociation, and Tree Pittsburgh).  Since joining our ranks in 2011 as CFO of the Environmental Finance Collaborative, Kevin has assisted GTECH by helping make critical advancements in infrastructure, scaling operations, and ultimately maximize the efficiency and impact of our work.  He is a shining example of “embedded capacity” as a shared resource between organizations and has helped advance such collaborative strategy throughout the sector. He’s a busy guy – and looks good while doing it.


Happiness is a full whiteboard
Happiness is a full whiteboard

Chief Operating Officer, Evaine K. Sing has been recognized as one of fifty executives leading the smartest organizations in the region.  As a Smart 50 award winner through Smart Business Pittsburgh, Evaine is being recognized for her outstanding organizational and programmatic contributions throughout the community development and environmental sectors.  While only working for one organization (as Kevin often reminds her) she has overseen numerous multi-organizational partnerships and programs as the architect of www.lotstolove.org, Policy Committee Co-Chair with the Pittsburgh Greenspace Alliance, co-leader of the Pittsburgh Survey Collaborative, and board member of The Pittsburgh Community Reinvestment Group.  Most recently Evaine has helped the Urban Redevelopment Authority redesign their land maintenance program and has been the mastermind behind GTECH’s groundbreaking new Sustainable Return on Investment (SuROI) impact evaluation.  Not to mention she bakes a mean Blueberry Pie.

Anyone who knows GTECH, knows that we have an incredibly hard working, talented, and good spirited team with a diversity of skill sets, backgrounds, and pride for our work. Thanks to Evaine and Kevin, GTECH – and our region are in a constant state of bloom.

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