GTECH is Grounded. For Good.

GTECH’s new Executive Director, Evaine K. Sing, chose the above quote to represent our mindset as we celebrate our 10 year anniversary. In a letter to GTECH’s network earlier this month, Evaine shared her thoughts on this momentous and exciting occasion. She bid farewell to our founder and CEO, Andrew Butcher, and reflected on what the past 10 years has enabled GTECH to accomplish. The last decade has given GTECH the opportunity to move forward and approach work in the Pittsburgh region with new eyes. 10 years is a long time, truly a milestone, and we have a lot of successes (and lessons learned) to reflect on and grow from….including acres of sunflowers! (If you don’t remember those GTECH days, check them out here). As we lead up to our Grounded for Good celebration on April 21, we will continue to reflect back on some of our favorite GTECH memories, events, programs and community achievements. That takes us all the way back to April 2007, when GTECH was officially incorporated. Thinking back, what is your favorite memory of/with GTECH? Let us know in the comments below!

I haven’t been at GTECH long, but am so proud of our work, the team, the community members with whom we partner, and every passionate person who helps make our programs impactful. There is a reason we chose ‘Grounded for Good’ as the name of our celebration; we are grounded in our beliefs, legacy and experiences that enable us to continue to grow, provide resources and build capacity in areas most affected by community challenges. In Evaine’s letter, she reminded all supporters of our foundational beliefs, and that no matter the climate, we are grounded in them. GTECH recognizes that:

  • The consequences of doing nothing are far-reaching, while the cost of trying is low. The opportunities for taking action are immeasurable, and the reward of an unexpected win is unmatched.
  • Innovation and iteration are the name of the game, and we will continue to grow and improve our impact through both.
  • We are more effective when we work together, the work is always richer and more rewarding when everyone lends their unique voice – across sectors, communities, and all demographics.

Our commitment and passion for working with partners, mentors volunteers, funders and donors across Allegheny County and beyond is unwavering and it is our hope that you, too, will celebrate and continue to grow with us. As we look forward to making more connections, having more conversations, and increasing our capacity, we need individual and community support. Please join our network by purchasing your ticket today and celebrating with all GTECHers and friends at the Heinz History Center — see you at the celebration!  

Written by Kate Hancock, Project Associate at GTECH and Master of Social Work Candidate at The University of Pittsburgh

2 thoughts on “GTECH is Grounded. For Good.

  1. I majored in Environmental Geography at Pitt and studied GIS as a graduate student at Virginia Tech before working in Mapping and GIS and then directing Communications for a non-profit.
    I am interested in learning more about GTECH. Perhaps, as a Northside resident and with the GTECH mission to help the community, we can team together to make our world a better place. ☺️

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