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This post was written by Marquise, one of our summer interns! Stay tuned for more information about his experience and the projects he is working on. To contact Marquise, email him at with Marquise in the subject line. 

It can be kind of intimidating trying to build relationships with those people you barely know. That intimidation can come from a few things like not being comfortable or not being able to adapt to your new surroundings. When I Marquise internstarted my first day of my internship at GTECH, I didn’t have to face any of these problems.

GTECH is all about making connections and that starts in the office. You can just feel that everyone is connected one way or another. There’s really that team feel throughout the entire office that makes you feel like you’re a part of one small family here. When I first started here, everyone was welcoming to me and made me feel like I was already one of them. For some reason, even on my first day, I never felt nervous or anything in the office and I think that that was because of how connected everybody is.

You can just take a look around the office and the way the office is set up will even make you feel comfortable. You walk in to see all the fun, colorful walls and objects in the office and that can be enough to make your day a little less boring. I, personally, love the cool setup to the office because it plays a little mind game on me to make my day feel less gloomy.

All of these different physical elements around the office are enough to make it feel like no day is ever the same at GTECH. Whether it’s a quiet and calm day, a busy and commotion filled day, or a day where I’m out working on one of our Green Playces, I haven’t had any days where I’m doing the same exact thing yet. Even though none of the tasks I do here are ever the same, the atmosphere in the office does always stay the same. The overall atmosphere of the GTECH office is a great one. The entire staff here helped me stay comfortable and connected since day 1.

Here’s a snapshot of daily office life, from Marquise’s seat! 


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