We Love Volunteers!

Through the month of June, Grounded had the pleasure of hosting U. S. Steel volunteers in Braddock to support our work at Free Store 15104. Steelworkers from Edgar Thomson Works in North Braddock and employees from the U. S. Steel procurement office came out in full force for three full workdays.

Our U. S. Steel volunteers blew us away with their commitment to the project, their creative problem-solving, and their ability to keep a smile on their faces (and ours!) even during downpours, intense heat, and long days. The result of their hard work is a Free Store that better serves its volunteers and community, and provides children a space to play. We are thrilled to continue this partnership in Braddock well into the future. Thank you to U. S. Steel and to all of our Grounded Volunteers!


The completed project. Hard to believe this all came together in 3 weeks!


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