Professional Conferences Are Worth More Than The Networking!

GTECH has attended the ReClaiming Vacant Properties conference for the past three years, but this is my first opportunity to go. This got me thinking. Professional conferences can be daunting, especially if you are traveling alone. However, there are many benefits to pursuing these experiences even if they push you out of your comfort zone. Along with expanding your knowledge base, professional network, and professional resources, conferences can offer a so many more (and less spoken about) benefits!

Benefit #1

Conferences disrupt your daily routine, and help  you recharge your brain’s batteries! Exposure to different perspectives, ideas, and innovative solutions is inspiring! It feels good to be refreshed in your craft and to share this new knowledge with your team.

Benefit #2

Meeting new people with different professional responsibilities is a great form of networking. However, attending a professional conference gives you the opportunity to meet with professionals that may have similar jobs and experience the same challenges as you! If you can say, “I’m the only one at my company that does what I do”, then professional conferences are just the ticket to helping you solve that specific problem that no one else at your office can relate to.

Benefit #3

At the very least, it is a great way to travel! Though you are still working, conferences are a great way to travel to new cities or parts of the country that you have never been before. Even if you stay is short, you can take any amount of time not participating in a session to experience local cuisine, see a show, or walk the streets. Not only are you expanding your professional network, but you are adding to your personal growth as well.

No matter what the topic, theme, or field, conferences are a great use of your time and can offer many professional and personal benefits. Even if you are not interested in attending a professional conference, every benefit can be applied to personal gain as well! It is always inspiring to learn new things, meet people of similar interests, and travel! The best part is that everything that you learn can immediately be put into action or applied to what you are doing.

Here at GTECH, we are looking forward to geeking out at the Reclaiming Vacant Properties conference in September! We will have the opportunity to chat with over 1,000 people who face similar challenges as we do and learn of innovative solutions to solving them. I am sure that we will come home refreshed, and inspired to apply what we learned to our work in Pittsburgh.

Special Note – Early Bird registration rate for the RVP conference expires soon! Register before 11:59pm EST on August 31 to save $200.



We are also so excited to be planning the second Pittsburgh Blight Bootcamp, coming in October, which is a conference available to not only professionals working on community development and land use issues, but also residents! This is a unique opportunity for residents to mingle and problem solve amongst those who work on these issues every day. If you are feeling inspired to expand your personal and professional network, register here!




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