Pitt 1st Years are Grounded in Homewood

As part of their orientation process at the start of the fall semester, first years at Pitt joined Grounded in Homewood for a day of service. We worked together on a litter cleanup, while engaging in thought provoking discussions about the ties between refuse, home abandonment, poverty, and access to green space.



Our litter cleanup also served as a walking tour of the neighborhood, to show areas where Grounded has already built a presence, as well as areas where our influence has yet to be felt. All throughout our workday, residents stopped to speak with us about the positive impact we have on the community, and to express support for our efforts.




We also worked together with Pitt’s student community for another day of service later in October!

One thought on “Pitt 1st Years are Grounded in Homewood

  1. Hi! I’m a Sierra Club volunteer. We’ve been having monthly meetings with Homewood residents since last summer. (And last year spearheaded the Grassroots Green Homes program there. Reaching 300 enrollees for tips and tools to reduce energy bills.)

    This year the meetings are focusing on new projects to help the community.
    The interest in dealing with abandoned lots and illegal dumping has gripped a number of us.
    (Including my buddy Grandma Bev, who is also Anna’s buddy.)

    I’m trying to educate myself about similar efforts in Homewood.
    So, ta-da, Grounded!

    If you would kindly give me a call, I’d love to learn you are doing and what we can do to be effective.

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