Happy Thanksgiving: What are you thankful for?

We asked staff, “What are you thankful for this year?”

What Are You thankful for-


“I am thankful for having such an incredible team of hardworking, creative, gumption-filled GTECH’ers to work with. (I’m also grateful for the people reading this post – cause they make it worth it all.)”


“I am thankful for my family, friends and my relationship with God! I am thankful for a reasonable portion of health for my loved ones and myself.”


“I’m thankful for having my own toilet! According to the United Nations, over 2.5 BILLION people do not have access to proper sanitation – including toilets. That’s 1 in 3 of the world’s population. (I’m also thankful for cats!)”


“I am most thankful for my husband who is luckily also my best friend.”


“I am thankful that I get to wake up every day and treat it like a new opportunity to do something great.”


“I am thankful for all the opportunities that I have been lucky enough to experience throughout my life.
I’m also thankful for Nutella, that stuff is great.”


“I’m thankful that Whole Foods sells pre-dressed turkeys, and, of course, friends and family”


” I am thankful for a warm house! Last year, we had a 50-year-old boiler that was likely leaking gas into our home. This year, after participating in the Healthy Homes Incentive Program, we have a brand new energy efficient boiler that’s keeping us toasty!”


“I am thankful for new opportunities as well as the new little man who will be joining my family in 6 weeks!”


“I’m thankful for people who give back to communities — without them my community (Polish Hill) wouldn’t have had a pet parade this year.”


“I’m grateful that I live in a city where I get to interact with so many  people doing awesome things everyday.”


“Pie at midnight and watching television with my brother!”


 “I’m thankful for the being fortunate enough to be surrounded by all the amazing family, friends, and colleagues in my life”

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