Meet our new GTECH GSI Neighborhood Liaisons

As we complete our GTECH Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) project in the Woods Run/O-27 sewershed on Pittsburgh’s Northside, we are beginning the process in our next sewershed: the Negley Run/A-42 sewershed in the East End.

As we did on the Northside, the first order of business for our GTECH GSI process was to hire neighborhood liaisons to represent the communities that make up this high-priority sewershed; Homewood, Larimer, Lincoln-Lemington-Belmar, East Hills, and East Liberty.

These liaisons will serve as GTECH’s front line of stormwater-related outreach, education, and data collection over the next 11 months. They are a passionate, community-driven bunch, and we could not be more excited to introduce you to them! Keep an eye out for them as they spread the GSI gospel through the East End over the coming months.


Jacqueline Bey: Homewood

Name: Jacqueline Bey

Neighborhood: Homewood

What do you love most about your community?  I love the character of the community, because it represents the traditional industrial landscape. There is a rustic charm accentuating the style of the landscape and people who live there. The people are diverse and as “common “as the COMMONWEALTH.

What do you think your community needs most? The community needs a GREEN revitalization plan from underground to the surface for a sustainable future



Ronal Garland Sr: Larimer

Name: Ronald Garland, Sr.

Neighborhood: Larimer

What do you love most about your community? The people living in the community is my interest. I know the community residents, and their daily growth is exciting from where we have come from to now, and the struggle continues. The love for my people is with an attitude of “let’s get to it!” and make our living conditions within the community the key statement. We intend to make Larimer “The Community of Living in the Most Liveable City.



East Liberty

Elizabeth Urbaitis: East Liberty

Name:  Elizabeth Urbaitis

Neighborhood: East Liberty

What do you love most about your community? Some people have lived here 50 years, some just moved here. It is very diverse.

What are you looking to gain as a community liaison? Ways to connect with folks in my neighborhood who care about the environment. It connects them with each other





Dana Fowler: Lincoln-Lemington-Belmar

Name: Dana Fowler

Neighborhood: Lincoln-Lemington-Belmar

What do you love most about your community? I have grown up in this neighborhood since I was a child. I have love from my neighbors and friends that have also grown-up or are still living here. In this community, we are still very passionate about our community, although it is in need of TLC (Tender Love And Care)




East Hills

Thomas Watkins: East Hills

Name: Thom Watkins

Neighborhood: East Hills

What do you love most about your community? Besides the 2 entertainment businesses,  this is a pretty quiet neighborhood. You usually see the same people passing back and forth on a daily basis.

What are you looking to gain as a community liaison? To bring more awareness of the importance of clean water and how we in the community can help in the process to clean up and beautify the neighborhood while conserving and reclaiming the runoff water.

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