Today, GTECH turns 7.

When you think about it, “growth” as a physical phenomenon is not really in our favor. As individual humans, there is an entire atmosphere of stuff (that’s a technical term) that weighs down upon us. Not to mention lurking hungry bears – who tire of nuts and berries –  ready to pounce out of the shadows.  No wonder there is such joy in watching our offspring defy the odds of survival and manage to prosper and play.

On days like today – I can’t help but be in equal awe of the growth of an organization. While the physical phenomenon of gravity is a little less of a direct burden, the amount of stuff preventing upward growth can be stifling. Organizational demise is less likely from hungry mammals than by spreadsheets and unrestricted net deficits. That said, the joy and fulfillment of seeing a crazy idea and vision materialize into a living and breathing organism of it’s own nature, mind, and appendages, truly is nothing short of spectacular.

Seven years ago today GTECH was incorporated. We hadn’t graduated from The Heinz College yet, and had spent the better part of our April farming a brownfield by hand. Our first corporate investment was a 80 yards of steaming manure  (True story).  Today there are approximately 15 humans who spend their days working towards an ideal of growth through energy and community health. Even more so, there is a extended network of Partners, Ambassadors, and Collaborators that are apart of us – and we are a part of them.

The most joyful place to find myself after seven years of following this idea into the wilderness is to be doing so as a member of a team. The people I have encountered along this journey are some of the hardest working, most talented, most generous, committed, and fun-loving people I could hope to work with. The “tribe” of GTECH inspires.

As TS Elliot so eloquently articulated:  “The ends of  our travels will be to arrive where we started and to know the place for the first time.” I look forward to another 7 years and invite you to double down on your love. Maybe that means working with us on a project, maybe that means making a financial contribution, maybe that means connecting someone you know to GTECH, maybe that means you share this silly blog post, maybe you apply for one of our positions. Or maybe you even follow your own idea into the wilderness (Beware of the proverbial bears).

I encourage everyone with a crazy idea to commit themselves to trying to make it happen. The reality is that we may fail in our attempts. The deeper reality is that it is the journey that is the destination, and that the very effort of trying will make us all individually (and hopefully collectively) better off.

That is the GTECH way.

– Andrew Butcher – April 2014

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