Grandma Bev’s Green Zone Party

Grandma Bev in front of her side lot last September.

Joining the Grounded network last September as a CommunityCare steward Beverly Howell, also known as Grandma Bev, showed her commitment to the Homewood neighborhood and to keeping it clean and green. Prior to joining the CommunityCare program, Bev has been a long-time active resident of Homewood, and even acquired the vacant lot next to her home through the City’s Adopt-a-Lot lease program. Beverly envisioned this space next to her home to be a safe haven for the children of Homewood to run, play, and enjoy the outdoors rather than a vacant lot sitting empty and neglected.¬† This concept led her to apply for funding through Neighborhood Allies to throw a Green Zone Party for the children in her community.

Beverly won a Love My Neighbor Grant from Neighborhood Allies, worked with Operation Better Block as her fiscal sponsor, and sought support from Phipps Conservancy to create two gardens on her lot. Grounded staff and other CommunityCare stewards came together with Phipps staff and volunteers throughout the past month to get to work creating the two gardens in order for the lot to be ready for her party.

Grandma Bev in front of her revamped side lot this summer.

This Sunday, July 15th at 2 pm, Beverly will throw the Green Zone party on her side lot in Homewood, at 7117 Upland Street. Beverly has rented a bouncy house and a petting zoo, has gathered food and drinks for the kids, and has high hopes for this party to be the best one yet. This collective effort brought together by various non-profit organizations will result in a wonderful and exciting afternoon spent outdoors for the children of Homewood to get out and play. Through this party, Grandma Bev hopes that the children who attend will learn to appreciate the beauty and benefits of well-maintained green space.

If you find yourself in the area, stop by to get involved in the fun! Learn more about our CommunityCare program here and follow along on our social media for photos from the party!

A few images from one of Grandma Bev’s workdays:

Fellow CommunityCare steward, Tayler, working on the flower beds
Volunteers and staff from Phipps

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