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The warm weather appears to be here to stay and it is not too late to put your green thumbs to use! Don’t have the outdoor space to accommodate a garden? Check out Lots to Love and find a lot in need of your attention.

Inspired-Lots to Love is a online tool designed to equip Pittsburgh residents with the resources they need to navigate and utilize vacant land in their neighborhoods. We see such parcels of land not as a waste of space, but as an opportunity – and hope to inspire others to think the same!

Lots to Love can be used by anyone interested in gardening. The website offers search tools to help residents identify potential project sites anywhere in their neighborhoods, learn what steps are necessary to gain legal access, planning techniques and community outreach strategies, implementation guides, and maintenance manuals. This site is a one-stop-shop for resident-driven vacant land activation and we would love to see your project on the map.


Still lacking the inspiration you need to get started? Check out our ever evolving Pinterest page for our favorite images of project ideas, existing Pittsburgh vacant lot projects, and inspirational concepts. This is sure to get your brain buzzing with ideas for your own project!

Finding Local InspirationYou can also view information about projects that have already been started here in Pittsburgh. Just go to Lots to Love on your laptop or desktop computer and click on the red, blue, and green dots/parcels throughout the city. These icons represent ideas for projects, projects that are in progress, and projects that are completed, respectively. Using this tool, you can also reach out or start a conversation using the Disqus commenting platform to chat with your neighbors about your ideas or learn how you can get involved.

Hi! I aminterested in volunteering foryour project! When is your next workday-

Lots to Love also features a blog! You can easily (with just the click of a button) share stories, news articles, resources or just about anything else related to community greening or vacant lot strategies withScreen Shot 2016-06-01 at 4.46.12 PM everyone who interacts with the site. Use the Add a Post button to start posting your way into lots to love history!


Visit to get started or to register your existing project.


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