Back at it again with GTECH, by Bree

GTECH is excited to welcome back Bree Prioleau! Bree interned with GTECH last summer and just finished her freshman year of college at Slippery Rock Univesity. She’ll be joining the Green Playces team again this summer as well as helping with some environmental education initiatives and social media. Bree is the talented artist behind our new Super “G” children’s t-shirts. Learn more about Bree below:

Last summer was my first summer with GTECH! At the time I worked with two other interns Max & Marquise. We would try to help out with as many projects as we could, ranging from communications to Green Playces. We were our own little team at times I secretly called us MaMarBree. I was mostly tasked with the Art and education projects which I thoroughly enjoyed. I did things ranging from project advertisement to teaching 40 young pre-k children how fun the environment can be. Then sadly as we planned our last event at the wilkinsburg greenplayce my time with GTECH came to an end.

After my internship with GTECH ended I went on with my plans to attend Slippery Rock University Double majoring in Art Education and French Professional. During my year at Slippery Rock I participated in a lot of different art programs including the potters guild and art society whom would both try to make the campus more artful by holding art gallery visits and selling student art on campus. I learned so many more forms of art at SRU some included Printmaking, Fiber arts, more 3D arts and I strengthened my fundamentals of design. I even started a webcomic called HyperCORE. I sold posters and merchandise on campus too! Everything was really fun and I met a lot of amazing people. Unfortunately, while I was there I decided that though slippery rock was a great place it just wasn’t the place for me. For me it’s location didn’t provide much opportunity for community involvement in the way I would have liked. With that in mind, I decided to transfer to Carlow changing only my second major to Psychology.

As soon as I made that decision GTECH swooped in and sent me an email inviting me to join them again this summer! It was an invitation I couldn’t deny! I’ve been dying to get back into the community and I was worried about what my summer employment would look like and if I would be able to get a job easily coming from my employer on campus back to Pittsburgh. GTECH provided all my wants and crushed all my worries in one email! So, in short, I’ve had a long journey since I left GTECH but I’m so happy to be back!

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