3 Things the Super Bowl Teaches Us About Being Green.

By now you’re back in the office, the chili bowls are empty and the Seahawks have been crowned Super Bowl champs. Besides discovering that Seattle has one heck of a defense, we can glean a few lessons from last night’s gridiron matchup:


FootballHost more get togethers.

According to Opower’s 2012 analysis of residential energy usage, consumption dropped up to 5 percent below average during the Super Bowl. Why? More eyes on fewer televisions. Don’t wait until the next major sporting event to host another TV-watching party with friends and family — get people together weekly to watch a favorite show or host a movie night (Oscar season is here!). Not only will it save energy, but rounding up neighbors, friends and family builds a sense of community and creates stronger social bonds.


The choice is yours.

With the deregulation of electricity in Pennsylvania, households choose which company they get to buy their energy from.  According to the Department of Energy, Met Life Stadium used 100% renewable energy to power the game this year.  Take a note from the big guys — sign your house up for a bevy of green energy options. Check out Penn Future’s chart to see what utility provider carries which green energy suppliers. It doesn’t affect the way that you pay for your energy; your bill still comes from your utility like it always has.

Recycle that oil.

What is a Super Bowl party without a buffet of fried foods? Another way  Met Life stadium committed to going green this year was recycling its that used cooking oil into biodiesel. Sound familiar? The ReFuel Program ensures that all oil that we collect goes to the production of biodiesel, too.  Recycling oil isn’t just the responsibility of the 82,566 seat stadium — ReFuel hosts two drop-off points where you can take your used cooking oil 365 days a year.

So, when are you hosting your next watch party with your neighbors? Tell us below. We’ll bring the chips.

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