World Environment Day

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This year’s World Environment Day is on Sunday, June 5th. This year, it’s hosted by Angola, with the theme

“fight against the illegal trade in wildlife”

Sure, that sounds great, you might be thinking, but we don’t have lions or elephants here to protect. How is this stuff related to me? But World Environment Day is more than celebrities imploring you to stop buying ivory. At its core, World Environment Day is about realizing nature’s beautiful bounty and making sure that we are protecting it. It’s about being an agent of change.

At GTECH, we believe that action speaks louder than plans. So take a moment to think about what the environment means to you – and how you can be an agent of change in your own piece of the earth.

If you need some inspiration, here are five GTECH inspired ways to celebrate World Environment Day – not just on June 5th, but all summer long!

  • Learn about invasive species. Invasive species are everywhere! How many do you see on your commute to work? Here’s one way to find out – Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy and the Urban Eco Stewards Partners are hosting an invasive plants workshop on June 11th. It’s FREE! Learn how to identify and deal with some of the more prolific invasives. Don’t forget to share with others once you learn.
  • Volunteer with some of our Ambassadors – We are lucky to work with such amazing people. Check out some of their stories and keep an eye out for volunteer days on our event calendar.
  • Teach someone on a Green Playce – Did you know that there are environmental lesson plans available for the Green Playce sites?  Download one for FREE today and hit the Playces to learn about the environment.


  • Hop on your bike – Ride to work, do your errands, or just have fun! We have a great bike ride coming up in August – and we want you to be ready for it! Plus, biking is good for you and the Earth!


  • Spend some good quality time outdoors. Go for a walk in one of Allegheny County’s many beautiful parks, read a good book in an urban greenspace, or try your hand at gardening in a community garden. Find all these (and much more) on the map at



There are plenty of ways to show the earth that you care.

If you haven’t yet – check out Earth Anthem – the World Environment Day’s anthem. Go ahead, turn that volume up.

How are you celebrating World Environment Day? We’d love to hear from you. Let us know in the comments section – or tell us via social media or at an event!



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