What GTECHers Are Thankful For

Credit: Creative Commons
Credit: Creative Commons

What a year 2016 has been. Over the last 365 days, GTECH has celebrated the completion of four new Green Playces, launched our second Ambassador program in the Mon Valley and reimagined how we calculate the impact of our work, just to name a few of our successes. This season, and throughout the year, we are reminded that we have so much to be thankful for.

Recently, the GTECH staff took a few minutes to assemble a gratitude list, highlighting some of the things that we are most thankful for:


Andrew: Thankful for the GTECH family and level of laughter provided from his kids, Aurora and Sal.

A few members of the GTECH family
A few members of the GTECH family

Gavin: Grateful that the Asian Longhorn Beetle has not made it to Pittsburgh

Lydia Y: Thankful for friends who are taking action, being proactive and having their voice heard since the election

Ian: Grateful for the ability to see extended family and friends at Thanksgiving

Sarah: Grateful for positive friends and family

Evaine: Thankful for her husband, Watson, and dog, Wickett

A festive Wickett
A festive Wickett

Ellie: Thankful for toilets! World Toilet Day and her partner, Bryce 

Tacumba: Grateful for family, friends, co-workers and hard times that give him perspective  

Lydia K: Thankful for group of friends at home who are being proactive and positive during tough times

James: Grateful for the ability to head home to New York for a homemade meal

Our level of excitement for mashed potatoes

Kate: Grateful for unconditional love and support from friends in Pittsburgh, at home and her new dog

Tom: Thankful for old friends and family who are connecting for the holidays and his new community at GTECH and PULSE

Joe: Thankful for family members’ health, reliable friends, and of course, the Cubs


What are you thankful for? Comment and tell us below!


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