Welcome Ambassadors

This week, GTECH welcomes 37 new ambassadors into our family through the ReClaim McKeesport, ReClaim Northside and ReEnergize Pittsburgh programs.

ReClaim McKeesport

ReClaim McKeesport Ambassadors 2015

ReClaim Mckeesport is GTECH’s first-ever vacant land Ambassador program held outside of the city. These 11 residents are excited and ready to start reclaiming vacant lots in their neighborhoods.

ReClaim Northside

ReClaim Northside Ambassadors 2015

This is our third year working in the Northside neighborhoods. The ReClaim Northside Ambassadors are eager to learn how to transform some of the Northside’s 5400 vacant lots into community spaces. 

ReEnergize Pittburgh: Energy Competition

ReEnergize Pittsburgh Ambassadors 2015

The ReEnergize Pittsburgh program is newly redesigned. This year, residents of Hazelwood, Homewood, and Millvale will compete against one another to see which neighborhood can save the most energy, while Uptown gets its first taste of ReEnergize Pgh supported outreach!

Join us in welcoming them to the GTECH family.

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