The #BLKSHP Do Pittsburgh.

The BLKSHP (“black sheep”) visited Pittsburgh on May 4, 2015.

The BLKSHP are a group of “misfits” who are currently on a cross-country bus trip around America. They are visiting towns that are home former urban industrial powerhouses (like Pittsburgh!), massive cornfields, revitalized communities and everything in between. The have one goal– to re-discover America’s “True North” through conversation and interactions with other positive deviants and mavericks in the fields of education, the economy, and culture and civic society.

Check out a recap of their trip below.  You can also listen to Alexa Clay, facilitator of the BLKSHP tour, on Essential Pittsburgh.

Panel on Misfits in Education




Panel on Misfits in the New Economy




Panel on Misfits on Culture and Civic Society




Reflections from the Audience 

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