Rediscovering America’s True North

Rediscovering America's True North

The BLK SHP (black sheep) believe that, America’s institutions, be it capitalism itself, political and media institutions, as well as industries, are suffering from an extreme lack of leadership. We feel that American citizens deserve better and can offer more.

Founded by Peter Sims, the BLK SHP is a loose guild of America’s leading creative thinkers, writers, policy makers, artists, and social entrepreneurs looking to support and disseminate cutting-edge thought leadership. This spring the BLK SHP are embarking on a bus tour to build relationships with forward-thinking organizations and grassroots innovations in 16 U.S. cities (Pittsburgh being one of them!).  We invite you to join the conversation and meet the BLK SHP.

Join the Conversation: The Invitation

The BLK SHP are coming to Pittsburgh on May 4 to learn from local leaders who are working to reinvent Pittsburgh from the ground up — bringing national attention to Pittsburgh’s story.  Engage with the BLK SHP for a morning panel discussion uncovering Pittsburgh’s “True North” — through pairings of BLK SHP and local leaders innovating in the fields of new economy, education, and culture and civic society.

Join us, register here >>

2015 BLK SHP Panel Half Sheet (KC)

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