Recap of TedxPittsburgh: GTECH Takeover

TEDxPittsburgh is a platform for showcasing the ideas, individuals and innovations that are redefining the Steel City. Pittsburgh is best known for the steel forged on the banks of its three rivers, bridges and a blue-collar work ethic that has come to define our region. However our industrial past has left a unique legacy problem of nearly 27,000 vacant lots that perpetuate social, economic and environmental liabilities, such as increased crime, dropping property values, and toxic soil conditions that negatively affect the health of urban neighborhoods. Yet our reputation for hard work remains and Pittsburghers are hard at work creating a city-wide renaissance that honors our proud past and forges a new future. Our city’s incredible network of inventors, entrepreneurs, artists and humanitarians are harnessing TEDx’s key areas of innovation in technology, entertainment and design.

We are thankful for the efforts of TedxPittsburgh to celebrate the people of Pittsburgh who dared to create and pushed to the edge of innovation. GTECH was proud to be included as an innovator in TedxPittsburgh’s first official event (Bridges: Ideas that Connect the Region) that took place in May 2015. Where GTECH’s Founder and CEO, Andrew Butcher talked about how to “Fuel and Upward Spiral of Community Health.” Just recently we reflected back on this talk and asked ourselves what other TED talks illustrate GTECHers’ passion, echo our organizational values and inspire us in our work. Eager to spark ideas and continue the conversation started at the Bridges: Ideas that Connect the Region event, we (naturally) decided to “take over” TEDxPittsburgh’s February Meet Up Group to focus once again on why, how and what builds healthy communities.

 GTECH’s Staff picked out three talks that inspire us to share with the audience, comprised of Social Capital Council Members and TedxPittsburgh’s networks. Followed by facilitated small and large group discussions that pulled out central themes of defining your purpose and leading with the “why”, eschewing risk-driven thinking to creatively, boldly and “childishly” develop new concepts, and challenging ourselves to redefine the story we tell ourselves about poverty and instead focus on the inherent assets people possess to solve their own challenges. Please watch them for yourself, we hope they inspire and spark some ideas in you too. Interested in attending future events like this and mingling with community development mavericks, social innovators, and Pittsburgh changemakers around topics that intersect with the green economy and community development? Social Capital Council Members have the opportunity to attend fun and meaningful events and get their hands dirty with GTECH’s community-based projects.  Join us!

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