Historic Knoxville Incline Greenway

From 1890 to 1960, the Knoxville Incline served as a connector between the South Side Flats and the hilltop. In 2011, a mural was added at the intersection of Brosville and East Warrington Avenue to remember the historic site. There is a foot trail accessible off of Brosville Street which leads to the Welsh Way stairs and Fritz Street – which both connect to the South Side Flats.

This project’s will highlight and the entrance and will replace the existing graffiti tagged jersey barriers with natural boulders. The Old Knoxville Incline Trail Project will use a mix of native and locally-sourced perennials, trees and other plantings to highlight the entrance and will make use of existing jersey barriers by painting them. The site has a natural clearing spot that provides scenic views of Downtown Pittsburgh that will be beautified with seating. The historic bridge which is fading in color will be cleaned and painted.