Mt. Oliver Community Garden Gathering Space

Mitra and Chitra are a father and son duo that moved to the Mt. Oliver Borough in 2012 by way of Nepal and Bhutan. Because of the high population of Bhutanese refugees living in the Mt. Oliver area, they created a community space that pays homage to their homeland. In partnership with Grow Pittsburgh and the Mt. Oliver Borough, Chitra and Mitra Gurung built out a community space within the new Mt. Oliver Community Garden. The space has a place for sitting and eating food from the garden, as well as a play area for children, including the English and Nepali translation of vegetation that will be growing in the garden.

“वे’रे एक्ष्चितेद अबोउत द गर्देनिंग वोर्क. वे लिके द एन्विरोन्मेन्त हेरे. We’re excited about gardening work. We like the environment here.”

Chitra GurungReClaim South Ambassador, Mt. Oliver Borough