Beloved Community Garden

Cheryl was apart of the original cohort of 13 Ambassadors participating in the 2013-2014 ReClaim South program. As a civic leader and pastor in a food desert community, Cheryl knew she wanted to make a difference by beginning her own community food garden. In partnership with the church where she pastors, Cheryl set out to implement a thriving food garden, complete with a dozen planting beds and a play area for local kids.

After completing the original ReClaim South program, Cheryl returned with help from two new Ambassadors, Heather Messiah and Robyn DeVaughn. In hopes of broadening the users of the garden from more than just church members, Cheryl added additional amenities to her garden in the 2015-2016 ReClaim South: Sustaining Momentum program. These amenities included a new garden entrance and arbor, a new shed, upgrades to the playspace and fencing.