30/32 Grape Street Garden

Linda Piso was one of the 13 original Ambassadors who participated in the 2013-2014 ReClaim South program. Linda, realizing that there were little to no fresh food options for residents living in her neighborhood, designed and implemented a community garden in partnership with her neighbor, the Carnegie Library.

As part of the original ReClaim South cohort, Linda installed the beds, fencing and other amenities necessary to have a thriving community garden. Partnering with the Carnegie Library’s Knoxville location, Linda hosted several educational workshops on her site for participants of the youth summer programming at the library. When Linda rejoined the cohort of Ambassadors participating in ReClaim South: Sustaining Momentum, she partnered with neighbor Brian Fallett to install upgrades to the garden beds, rain barrels, new plantings and shade umbrellas for neighborhood kids using the space.