Pittsburgh Land Bank: Resources & Final Public Meeting

What is a land bank exactly? This may be a question you’ve never thought about. But for folks like me, who look at the vacant property in our neighborhoods as an opportunity to enrich communities, I was keen on attending the first Pittsburgh Land Bank public meeting, which happened to be on the West End (also my side of town). The Pittsburgh Land Bank’s role will be to aid in the recycling and repurposing of land, stabilization of standing structures, and repurpose vacant land suitable for community needs. The Pittsburgh Land Bank is a single purpose entity whose mission is to “return unproductive real property to beneficial reuse, through an equitable, transparent, and public process, revitalize neighborhoods to strengthen the city of Pittsburgh’s tax base and support socially and economically diverse communities” (Pittsburgh Land Bank Policies and Procedures).

The Pittsburgh Land Bank has been hosting a series of public meetings in order to share the recently released policies and procedures. These meetings also serve as a chance to get feedback from the public as the Pittsburgh Land Bank continues to develop how they will operate in coordination with communities and the current systems. For some, including myself, the meetings have tended to be more of an introduction to the PLB and how we have gotten to this point, without deeply diving into where we are going next. This is not a surprise as it is a complex process and new concept to many people across the city. Luckily, there are more opportunities to learn more about the land bank and engage in deeper conversation about land use issues. We’ve compiled some of our favorite land bank resources for you to reference. Take the opportunity to review these beforehand so you’ll be ready to provide the public feedback the land bank is seeking.

Pittsburgh Land Bank Resources:

There is one meeting left!

The PLB has an opportunity to be an instrument of uplift and enrichment for the residents of Pittsburgh. I think it’s important people go out and make their voice heard at the next meeting. Brush up on the policies & procedures and attend on Tuesday, April 4, 6:30-8:00PM, National Association of Letter Carriers Branch 84 (841 California Avenue).

RSVP today.

If you’re unable to attend, that’s ok – you can provide feedback by visiting pghlandbank.org or email them at engage@pghlandbank.org by April 9!

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