PGH Mobile Toolbox Summer Update

The PGH Mobile Toolbox is 2 months old! We are so pleased with how well the resource has been rolling. To date, the trailer has accompanied 14 workdays, servicing over 120 volunteers, in 11 different communities. To celebrate this accomplishment, I have gathered a few of my favorite images from some of the workdays to highlight the great work being done in Pittsburgh and it’s surrounding communities.

Brookline Community Garden

The team had a fun filled workday removing old vegetation to make room for a new garden in Brookline. The day is almost complete. The garden beds are ready for planting!









Forest Hills Beautification Project

Everyone is signed up and ready to get working in Forest Hills! Our friend Jmar, from Hilltop Rising, is giving a quick safety demo. After, the PGH Mobile Toolbox and crew helped plant nearly 100 perennials to help beautify what was once a vacant space.









ReClaim Clairton Ambassador Project: Memorial Lane

With the help of US Steel, we installed a large planting bed to give this hillside of the trail entrance some character. ReClaim Clairton Ambassador, Sue, led the workday installing her vacant lot project along the trail. GTECH Staffer, Lydia, gives a quick tutorial on planting trees. By the end of the day, we planted over 50 trees in memory of lost loved ones.

ReClaim McKeesport Ambassador: Reservoir Retreat

ReClaim McKeesport Ambassador, Dana, had the trailer to help with spring maintenance on her vacant lot project. With help of our Americorps volunteers. These weeds don’t stand a chance at Dana’s Reservoir Retreat.










 Plum Elementary School Garden

For this workday, the PGH Mobile Toolbox was in Plum to help bring some life to the Elementary School’s planting scheme. It’s a good thing that the trailer has 4 large wheelbarrows! It was all hands on deck to move this giant pile. 

Sankofa Community Garden

Our friends at the Sankofa Community Garden in Homewood were great hosts for this workday. Everyone helped with spring maintenance at the garden, topping off the planting beds at the garden. They will soon be ready for planting!

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