4 (Edible) Uses for Japanese Knotweed

4 knotweed recipes that we want to try.

At GTECH we are always looking at ways in which to turn waste into something useful. That’s why we are looking at Knotweed as a feedstock for paper making and biochar production (read more about that project here). Knotweed is “knot” your typical ingredient – you can’t buy it in a grocery store and you sure don’t want to grow it in your garden. But despite its invasive nature (and my bad puns), the young shoots are tart and tangy, and often compared to rhubarb. Here are a few Knotweed recipes that we are excited to try this spring.

  1. Knotweed Jelly via The 3 Foragers
  2. Japanese Knotweed Sweet Bread via Eat The Weeds
  3. Strawberry Knotweed Crumble via The Foraging Family
  4. Andy Hamilton’s Delicious Knotweed Vodka via The Guardian


Not adventurous enough to experiment your own? Stop by Bar Marco for the June 23rd for No Menu Monday featuring dishes crafted by Chef Townsend of Salt of the Earth. The dishes offered will contain wild ingredients found in our region.

Caution – Knotweed grows all over the city, including contaminated vacant lots, so we don’t recommend foraging it from areas where you are unfamiliar with the soil quality if you plan on consuming your creations. 

Have you tried a dish made from knotweed? How about any other invasive plants?

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