Kicking Off in Clairton

This fall, 12 new Ambassadors will begin the process of reclaiming a vacant space in the City of Clairton, PA. We couldn’t be more excited to be working with residents and leaders in Clairton as we begin the journey of addressing issues of vacancy and blight. ReClaim Clairton, with support from the Jefferson Regional Foundation and partners like Economic Development South and the Steel Valley Council of Governments, is shaping up to be huge success already.

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Clairton is home to more than 6,000 residents along the Monongahela River

While we officially launched our recruitment last week, we have been working with 3 resident data collectors over the past month to survey every vacant lot in the city (there are more than 1,200!) One of those data collectors, Denise Johnson, is a Councilwoman representing Ward 4. Denise was kind enough to sit down with us and answer a few questions about why ReClaim Clairton is the right project at the right time for her community.

GTECH: What is the impact of vacant land on the Clairton community?
Denise Johnson: The impact of having vacant land has reduced the property value on homes and neighboring businesses.

GTECH: In your own words, what is the benefit of doing a vacant land assessment?
DJ: One of the benefits in doing a vacant land assessment will give potential investors an idea of availble space that can be utilized throughout the community.

GTECH: Why is it important for people to get involved in ReClaim Clairton?
DJ: It is important for people to get involved in ReClaim Clairton because it gives us an opportunity to implement new ideas and to help revitalize our community.

GTECH: Tell me one thing you love about Clairton.
DJ: One thing I have always loved about the City of Clairton is our “Home Town Pride!” In spite of our many losses from grocery stores to banking needs, we’ve never lost hope in getting back on our feet! We are a town that not only takes pride in our athletic accomplishments but we are excited to know that our ultimate goals in becoming a flourishing city is within our reach!

Denise, one of three resident data collectors, is pictured center

If you’re interested in applying to be an Ambassador in Clairton, you can apply here! For more information about ReClaim Clairton, contact James Snow, Project Manager, at 412-361-2099 or at

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