Interim ED Statement

Dear Pittsburgh,

Over the past four weeks, I have had the opportunity to intently and carefully reflect on the very recent and significantly consequential leadership transition here at Grounded Strategies. 

To say the least, this introspective endeavor has included a deep consideration of the role I have been tasked to play as the appointed Interim Executive Director of the organization. From this context of observation and mindfulness, I would like to directly address our partnering communities, funders, friends, and supporters in the like. To you all, I offer the following message of resolve and optimism. 

Just as it did when I served as Senior Project Manager prior to Evaine’s departure from the organization, Grounded continues to use vacant and underutilized land as a medium for lasting community change. Our mission to help citizens recapture the value of their land for the benefit of the community remains, and our efforts, impact, and capacity to do so grow by the day.

We promise to carry on this work with resilience and grit, traits that are part and parcel of the people of Pittsburgh. We are looking forward, steadfast and mission-driven. Day in, and day out, we remain champions of environmental justice and a high quality of life for all communities. 

We know that together, we can do this!

With heart and warm wishes,

Ariam Ford, Interim Executive Director

2 thoughts on “Interim ED Statement

  1. Ariam congrats! As you know I continue to be passionate about Gsi in East Liberty and Larimer. Check out the fruit trees planted 2 months ago on Lowell street. EAU

  2. Alot of communities need grounded, and your apparent optimism, in my mind, is exactly the type of force that makes for better places to live and raise family’s.

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