The gift of safe, vibrant and healthy green spaces

There are 27,000 vacant lots in the City of Pittsburgh. 45,000 vacant lots in Allegheny County.  What if instead we saw 45,000 community-designed gardens, parklets, and play spaces for youth. Imagine how the image, identity, and perceptions of blighted neighborhoods would change.

– Andrew Butcher, CEO and Founder, GTECH Strategies

GTECH Strategies works with people to transition land use liabilities into community assets and improve the economic, social, and environmental health of our communities. We firmly believe that good design, planning, and partnerships are vital to transforming blight and can help bring community members together. Through our on-the-ground approach, we actively listen to community members’ input and ideas to create site designs based upon their vision for the future.  As long-term plans are developed, we put into action tangible strategies for neighborhoods to use these once vacant lots immediately. If you need to find us, we are typically at community meetings, working hand in hand with neighbors, youth, and motivated individuals across Allegheny County. We provide them with the tools that they need to make real progress and they provide us with the input we need to make sustainable change.

This Day of Giving on May 3rd you can give the gift of safe, vibrant green spaces to communities with a donation to GTECH Strategies at PittsburghGives. Make your donation go even further by tweeting about it from 10 am – 11 am, 2 pm – 3 pm, or 6 pm – 7 pm using the hashtag #16DOG and @gtechstrategies. Your tweet will help GTECH qualify for cash prizes from the Pittsburgh Foundation.

We are inspired and honored by the work we get to do alongside community members and partners throughout Allegheny County. Inclusive, sustainable community revitalization doesn’t happen overnight, nor does it with the voices of a few. That is why we have developed strong partnerships with neighbors like you, community based organizations, nonprofits, government entities, and local businesses to improve the health of Pittsburgh’s neighborhoods. We use these partnerships to connect motivated individuals to help neighborhoods solve some of the toughest challenges they are facing that stem from blight and disinvestment. Please join us in helping improve the health of communities by transforming blighted, vacant lots into community green spaces.

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