GTECH’er Spotlight: Court Gould

Get to know…Court Gould

[one_half]Court Gould [/one_half]


Role at GTECH: President of GTECH’s Board of Directors

Day Job: Executive Director of Sustainable Pittsburgh

Hometown: Pittsburgh

Alma Mater: University of Southern California

Favorite Activity: Trying to live simply, love generously and leave the world better than I found it

Favorite Burrito Topping: Bring on the rice!



“The GTECH Board of Directors is united around the mission to cultivate communities’ capacities to advance sustainability for local well-being. There’s a can-do spirit among this very smart Board and a remarkable creativity for seeing ways to turn neighborhood liabilities into springboards for solutions. I am lucky to be part of the energy.”

– Court

Court Gould is currently fighting the good (sustainability) fight for Pittsburgh as the Executive Director for Sustainable Pittsburgh – a position that he has held since the organization’s founding in 1998. He also happens to be our Board president. While he appreciates GTECH’s bold approach to community challenges, we appreciate his commitment to our region’s advancement in sustainable issues.

Court was one of the first people our CEO, Andrew, met with when he moved to Pittsburgh. He always believed in GTECH’s team and ideas, and he served as an informal advisor to GTECH as a startup. Andrew invited Court to join the Board of Directors in 2012 because of his unique and deep understanding of sustainability and his orientation toward empowering others. He was honored when Court agreed.

Some major contributions Court has made to the Board include:

  • Guiding GTECH to complete the organizations’s strategic planning process
  • Becoming a consensus builder among Board members
  • Connecting GTECH to important partnerships and conversations in the community
  • Offering significant insight on how to build and empower an engaged Board

While Court says it’s been a pleasure for him to watch GTECH blossom over the years, we feel mutual appreciation for his guidance and support that helped get us where we are today!

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