Grounded in East Hills

As part of our investigative process, Grounded Strategies is exploring East Hills for further intervention. Having recently installed rain gardens in the Park Hill Drive Community, we’re now working with the East Hills Consensus Group (EHCG) to help them advocate for improvements in the entire East Hills neighborhood.

A wonderfully landscaped overlook in East Hills
An underserved street in the East Hills Neighborhood.
A congregation of litter in the neighborhood.

The main focus points for EHCG in terms of community strategy are Stormwater, Public Safety, and Community Beautification.



During our tour of the neighborhood, it became apparent just how important these issues are in a community such as East Hills. With so many sloped, wooded areas crisscrossed with uncurbed streets, the natural areas of this community naturally collect garbage during wind/rain events.

A gully that frequently presents a stormwater risk to East Hills during precipitation events.

As part of our partnership with EHCG, we plan to increase awareness of these issues, as well as cement and reinforce community ties in order to combat these issues before they grow out of control.

Ariam from Grounded interviewing Diane (President of East Hills Consensus Group) near the Park Hill Drive rain gardens.
Yet another assemblage of refuse. Too common a sight in our urban fabric.
“No Littering” signs, flanked by rubbish.




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The view from the upper portion of East Hills. A hopeful outlook.


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