GTECHers Share What Keeps Them Grounded

With GTECH’s birthday just around the corner — our real birthday is this Sunday(!) but we’re celebrating next week — the staff spent some time reflecting on what GTECH’s turning 10 means to them. While it is easy to point to major accomplishments and milestones as being influential to our development over the past 10 years, it is the day-to-day things that truly stand out. The everyday interactions with community members, partners, volunteers, designers, planners, and policymakers continues to have the biggest impact on GTECH staff.

Here is how GTECH’s mission grounds our team:

  • By reminding me everyday of the power of collective action. -Anna
  • By working with dedicated residents and passionate youth who have optimistic views on change in their neighborhoods. -Ian
  • Allowing me to work with awesome individuals who are passionate about their work. -Shequaya
  • By consistently allowing me to work with residents who love their community and want to give back to it. -James
  • Connecting me to residents who are passionate, talented, and inspiring. -Lydia
  • Demonstrating again and again how bold ideas can be realized when a community acts together. -Tacumba
  • By introducing me to Pittsburgh through the eyes of long-time residents. -Rachel

What keeps you grounded? Learn more about GTECH’s mission and work at our 10 year anniversary event: Grounded for Good. We hope you will join us!

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