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“Fast. Reliable. FedEx Ground.” That’s the tagline to a recent FedEx Ground ad. It’s also how their employees work and give back to the community.

FedEx Ground, whose headquarters is in Moon Township, recently provided GTECH with funds to establish the FedEx Ground Impact Award, which is intended to recognize projects that exhibit significant scope, connectivity, and community engagement. This spring, Jamie Balser of South Side Slopes, a ReClaim South: Sustaining Momentum Ambassador, was awarded the fund for his beautification project at the Bandi Schaum Trailhead.

In addition to the financial support, FedEx Ground also committed some much needed human power. A couple weeks ago, on June 24th, 35 dedicated employees arrived on site, prepared to make a difference.

2015 Jamie Balser Site (2) IMG_3545 IMG_3574

In only a few short hours, a radical transformation had occurred. This small cohort of 35 seemed like an army of 350 as new beds were prepped, 150 native plants were planted, debris was moved, and piles of mulch were spread. Below are a few photos of all of their hard work.

IMG_3502 IMG_3497 IMG_3550 IMG_3495


The new trailhead will serve as the gateway to the nearby Bandi Schaum Community Garden and as an educational space where those using the extensive trail system in the park can learn about the benefits of native plants. When Jamie was asked about his project, he stated,

“The work that we are doing in the park is very important to me. Working in one’s own neighborhood is so fulfilling and I aim to encourage others to do the same.”

Jamie, and all of us here at GTECH, can’t thank FedEx Ground enough for all of their hard work and contributions.

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