Drake Can’t Do This…But You Can

This post was written by Max, one of our summer interns! Stay tuned for more updates about his experience. To contact Max, email him at interns@gtechstrategies.org with “Max” in the subject line.Max Intern


When the deeply emotional rapping (and singing) sensation Drake was intensely contemplating whether to include Pittsburgh in his Summer Sixteen tour, he asked ONE question. “Would I be able to view the reclamation efforts in Pittsburgh that turn vacant lots into community assets such as gardens, parklets, and playspaces? Would I be able to view these unique green spaces and meet the community members who made them possible?”

Well put, Drake. GTECH is glad you asked — and we couldn’t have asked it better ourselves. GTECH responded that it could, in fact, satisfy the Toronto rapper’s request; GTECH could provide a guided bike tour of our vacant land reclamation projects, called Two Wheels Lots of Green! Drake accordingly planned his concert in Pittsburgh, electing to perform on August 17th, giving him ample time to prepare for the bike tour that will occur on August 20th from 9am to noon.

Unfortunately, Drake had to rescind his RSVP to Two Wheels Lots of Green because his schedulers booked him for a performance in DC on August 20th. Nevertheless, the 2WLOG tour will still happen.

Sign up now for the guided bike tour of GTECH’s reclamation projects in the South Side’s Hilltop communities. This is your chance to do something that Drake can’t do. If I were you, I wouldn’t pass up this opportunity. The clock is ticking.

As Drake so excellently phrased it, “The good ones go, if you wait too long. So you should go [to the Two Wheels Lots of Green bike tour on August 20th in the South Side Hilltop Communities], before you stay too long.”Good Ones Go

Image: HipHopImages Reddit


As awesome as it would be, we never actually spoke to Drake and, to our knowledge, he is not aware of GTECH or our work on green spaces. Our intern Max wrote this as a satirical piece to spark interest in 2WLOG. The event, however, is far from a joke, and you can still sign up!

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