Brittany’s Goodbye

As my time at Grounded comes to an end I have found myself reflecting on my experience here. In May when I joined the Grounded team I was excited about the opportunity to be an intern, but I was also unsure- specifically of my abilities and knowledge in marketing. I know, it sounds crazy. I have spent the last four years studying and obtaining a degree in marketing, but I was not confident in my knowledge of the subject. As a college student, its easy to get lost in the routine of going to class, doing homework, and taking exams- so much so that you don’t realize how much you are actually learning. My time here this summer has helped me recognize the knowledge I possess and has given me confidence in my ability to apply and execute the concepts I have learned throughout my time in school.

Beyond the confidence boost, Grounded has given me a deeper understanding of the issues surrounding vacant land. I grew up in Homewood where vacant land is rampant throughout the neighborhood, so I was never completely oblivious to the environmental impact it has on a community. However, I never knew the larger impact vacant land has on the economy and development of an entire city. The work that Grounded does is more than just cleaning vacant lots – Grounded provides community members with the resources necessary to make and sustain change in their neighborhoods. They are transforming the city’s economy and opportunity for development one vacant lot at a time. Contributing to the work Grounded does to rectify these issues has been extremely gratifying. I will miss the weekly staff meeting questions, the card games, and most importantly the entire Grounded team. The information and experience I have gained from working here is something I will carry with me forever.

-Brittany Griffith

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