Birthday Giving

Just finishing a fundraiser run

Grounded staffer, Shequaya, had the opportunity to correspond with Sarah Roberson who recently decided to dedicate her birthday to us on Facebook and that campaign raised a whopping $540. People like Sarah who are willing to donate time and/or money truly help to sustain the work we do.

How did you first come to contact with Grounded Strategies?
I found Grounded back in 2015 when I was looking for local Pittsburgh nonprofit groups to organize volunteer groups for my employer.

How many projects have you participated in?
I participated in 3 different Grounded projects in Homewood, McKeesport, and Clairton.

What are your thoughts on the work Grounded does?
I absolutely love the work Grounded does in providing resources for residents and beautifying the communities they serve.  I think it is so important to go into areas that are underserved and provide some support and education.

Why do you like Grounded?
The people who I have worked with and the leadership are wonderful – they truly make the organization what it is and they are easy to work with.

How has interacting with Grounded changed you or your behaviors?
I think Grounded has helped me focus my volunteer and community service efforts on places around Pittsburgh that are deserving of having resources they may not otherwise have access to.  

How has interacting with Grounded changed your outlook on how you view Pittsburgh?
Pittsburgh is my home – born and raised – and I want to see all neighborhoods succeed.  Diversity, culture, and inclusion are immensely important to businesses and cities alike.  Grounded helps bring out the best in areas that can sometimes be isolated around Pittsburgh.

What do you do for employment?
I work as a Procurement Specialist

What’s your favorite outdoor activity?
Favorite outdoor activities are running and hiking.

What is your favorite place/park in Pittsburgh?
My family and I love Point State Park and we love going to local festivals around the city in the summertime.  We make a point to get out to different neighborhoods.


*during the time of the interview Grounded Strategies was still GTECH and all mentions have been updated.

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