7 reasons we love the Green Workplace Challenge

Here at GTECH, we love to be challenged, to be inspired, to learn and to improve our ability to be environmental stewards. Participating in the Green Workplace Challenge (GWC), sponsored by Sustainable Pittsburgh, has allowed us to do those things and more. From an internal green competition to the opportunity to show off our solar panels, we’ve really enjoyed participating in the GWC and hope that your organization considers participating next year!

1. Solar Showcase Happy Hour:

We’re excited to have friends, partners and fellow GWC participants join us this Friday, September 18th for a Solar Showcase Happy Hour, including a tour of our offices, which recently had a solar array installed by Energy Independent Solutions (EIS). While you’re here, take a tour of a solar array courtesy of EIS, enjoy a brew from our neighbor East End Brewery and grab yourself a bite to eat from the solar-powered Pittsburgh Taco Truck.

2. GTECH Green Challenge:

We developed an internal green challenge to encourage GTECHers to reduce their environmental impact and get credit for their eco-friendly practices. Points were earned for bike commuting, purchasing a CSA, switching to green energy and much more. Ellie was the winner and she received this epic trophy, created from recycled materials from one of our Ambassador sites.


3. Office composting:

We love to compost. It’s easy to do and makes a huge impact on reducing waste in our landfills and improving local soil health.

4. Learning from one another:

The green team held regular workshops to teach the team about topics such as air quality, fuel efficiency and more. After each workshop, we had the opportunity to share eco-tips on that topic. It was a great opportunity to think about how we can all lighten our impact.

5. Recycling galore:

We try to recycle everything possible and the GWC was a good opportunity for Ellie to remind everyone of the ins and outs of what goes where. We use single stream city recycling, plastic film recycling, styrofoam recycling and bring batteries and compact fluorescent bulbs to Construction Junction.

6. Stormwater capture and re-use:

We have two rain barrels which are not only stylish but help reduce stormwater runoff from the roof of our shed and reduce our water use for irrigation. The GWC was a good reminder to give the rain barrels the regular maintenance that they need to properly function.

7. Reusable drinkware:

Getting points for using our GTECH mugs increased our love for them even more. You, too, can be a proud owner of a GTECH mug. Visit our shop to get a mug of your own.

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