5 Easy Ways to Stay Warm & Cozy this Winter

GTECH interns Kate and Tom compiled five different ways to keep yourself warm, environmentally conscious, and wallet-friendly this season.

  1. Heat only the rooms you are using and perhaps, dare I say it, lower your thermostat just one degree; doing so can decrease your heating costs by up to 5%!
  2. Open your curtains! Not only does sunlight make you happier, but it can heat your room during the day. When your windows are sealed properly, this is a great way to warm up your home.
  3. A leak is never a good thing, especially when it comes to letting cold air in your home. If your home feels chilly, despite having the heater on, it could be because leaks around your windows and doors are letting cold air in and warm air out. For $3-$30 dollars, you can keep the cold air out and save money! Don’t think you’re handy around the house? Don’t fret, click here for an easy “how-to” guide on applying caulk to seal air leaks.  Door draft stoppers are another fun and great way to reduce your energy bill; click here for ideas to DIY.
  4. Adopt a pet! Nothing beats snuggling with your furry friend! 
  5. “Heat the person, not the house” and layer up– this makes it perfectly acceptable to wear all your favorite sweaters at once.
Please leave a comment if these tips worked for you or, if you have warm tips to share!
Additional Sources: http://www.greenmelocally.com/winterize-your-home/ , http://energy.gov/energysaver/projects/savings-project-how-seal-air-leaks-caulk

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