412Build cohort unveils Homewood-based projects, shares life lessons

A mere five weeks ago, local high school students began the 412 Build program – a unique internship that fuses elements of STEAM education, entrepreneurialism, play and community development. On Friday, these proud students unveiled their built additions and shared their personal takeaways.

In partnership with the Homewood Bible Center the youth engaged the community, designed kid-centric elements to enhance the Homewood-based playground.

Features designed, built and installed by the 412Build cohort


The evening kicked off with a passionate Homewood resident taking the stage and sharing her thoughts about the work the youth did in her neighborhood,

“Don’t believe every [bad] thing you hear in the media. These are young, powerful, strong youth doing great things for their neighborhood.”

After that positive recognition from the community, the eight 412Build participants took the stage to talk about community, makership, entrepreneurialism and play.

“I came into 412 Build selfish. I know that it isn’t just about me, it’s about how I can give back to the community too. I aspire to be a traveling muralist, so we built chalkboards and flower boxes to encourage creativity in the space.”

– Mook Davenport, Senior at Imani Christian Academy

“Community is the most important part of 412Build. I always wanted outsiders to make our communities better, but I realized that I need to play my part–I need to get involved, but we need more people to help as well!

– Zubair Shaikh, Brashear High School

“The kids [in Homewood] were so happy we were there, that we weren’t just building something for ourselves, instead we were building something for the community. In the end it’s about what the community wants, not what we think they want.”

– Jimmy Niu, SciTech

“Play isn’t just for children – it’s for everybody! Play is a big part of our life even though we often forget it about it. [Play] helps you build relationships and take risks – it’s how I learned to open up to everyone in the group.”

– Justice Kimbo, Central Catholic High School

“Play is all about storytelling. Stories are important, and they are what bring everyone together. That’s why I wanted to build the free little library.”

– TaeAjah Cannon, Propel Andrew Street

“An entrepreneur is someone who is forging their own path in the world and solving everyday problems. The most important thing you have [as an entrepreneur] is your idea.

– Aidan Honnold, Pittsburgh Science and Technology Academy


You rock guys! Keep up the amazing work!

The 412Build cohort were all smiles after their presentation to the community.


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