4 Steps to Get your Garden Ready for Fall!

As much as we don’t want to admit it, summer is coming to a close. But, that does not mean that you gardening needs to come to a screeching halt, there is still plenty to do before winter arrives! Whether you fancy flowers, vegetables, or both, the principles are the same! Below, I have outlined some important fall tasks to ensure that you garden doesn’t stop when summer ends.

  1. If you haven’t¬†already, start a compost pile!

    There are many benefits to making your own compost, and with fall leaves coming, you will have plenty of materials to get started.

  2. Order your seeds and bulbs!

    Thats right, the growing season is not done yet! There are still tons of plants that you can squeeze in this year. Grow Pittsburgh has an excellent chart on their website that shows you all the varieties of edibles that can still be planted this season. If veggies are not your thing, you can also plant a wide variety of bulbs for beautiful spring flowers.

  3. Fuel up for the fall.

    With the heat of the summer behind us, this is a good time to give your garden beds a little top off of food. Chances are your plants are feeling a bit tired from the long summer, so spread that homemade compost, worm castings, or mulch on your beds. This will give your plants a great boost for fall and make sure that the nutrients is readily available before your first frost.

  4. Prepare your cold frames and tunnels.

    Though the cold weather seems far away, it will be here before you know it and it pays to be prepared. Setting up a cold frame ahead of time can protect some of your more sensitive plants from the coming cold snap and extend you season significantly! These little structures are easy to DIY and can be taken down in the late spring when the weather warms up.

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