19 Reasons You Should Help Us Plan A Northside Trail System This Week

Imagine an urban trail system that connected Northside residents and visitors to all that the Northside has to offer….


We’re honored and delighted to be working with One Northside on initial planning efforts for an urban trail system in the Northside.

Since January, we’ve been conducting some foundational planning work such as benchmarking of other successful urban trail systems, presenting the concept at community meetings, identifying potential funding sources, and developing draft routes which maximize neighborhood and asset connectivity. Now we’re ready to share our routes with the Northside to get input on where and how they can be refined.

We’re excited to invite you to 2 meetings this week where we’ll review and edit the routes, imagine what the trail system could be, meet neighbors, and enjoy snacks. To RSVP and get more info, email l.yoder@gtechstrategies.org or call 412-361-2099 ext. 3.

northside trail

Here are just a few of the reasons that you should join us this week to help plan the Northside urban trail system:

1: There are nearly 1,800 assets to be found throughout the 18 Northside neighborhoods. Parks, vistas and views, community gardens, flower gardens, cultural destinations, river access, historical buildings, and trails are some of what you’ll find while exploring the Northside.

2 – 19: The 18 neighborhoods of the Northside are wonderfully unique. Each one has its own history, character, and assets. If you explore the Northside by foot or by bike, you’ll be sure to make a new discovery and find many things that you love about each neighborhood. Stop by California-Kirkbride and you’ll find bright gardens and the historic Uniondale Cemetery (est. 1846). Head up to Fineview to discover many breathtaking views. Explore rich history in Troy Hill at St. Anthony’s Chapel, a church built in the 1880s which has over 5,000 relics. Experience the beauty of mosaic installations in Spring Hill. Swim, walk, run, bike, have a picnic, or visit the dog park in Observatory Hill / Perry North’s 259 acre Riverview Park. This is just a small sampling of the Northside’s neighborhoods and treasures that can be found in each one.

Will you please join us to help plan for a trail system which would connect these assets and more?

RSVP and get more info by emailing l.yoder@gtechstrategies.org or calling (412) 361-2099 x3.



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