5 Reasons to partner with ioby

Remember the acronym “NIMBY”? That’s how sociologists and cartoonists often characterize the visceral reaction that a proposed new development (airport, power plant, strip mall, etc.) will elicit among the residents of the surrounding community: “Not in my back yard!” ioby, which stands for “in our back yard”, is all about empowering local projects that bring positive change to our communities (our collective “backyard”). Here are 5 reasons to why it made so much sense for GTECH and The Sprout Fund to partner with ioby.

1. They have a great track record of success:

ioby has a great track record of success in their six year history. They have helped 596 projects raise over $2 million collectively (about $3,300 per project), and they have 300 projects underway right now. The average donation to an ioby project is $35, and most donors live on average only 2 miles from the projects they fund. Check out this post on Lots To Love to Get to Know ioby and their Pittsburgh-based projects, including a few projects by GTECH Ambassadors.

2. They aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty, tackling tough community issues:

Reclaiming vacant lots in Pittsburgh is not work for the faint of heart; did you know that there are currently about 27 THOUSAND vacant lots in the city? Vacancy at that scale invites all kinds of trouble – including illicit drug activity – and takes a toll on Pittsburghers’ neighborhood pride. ioby teamed up with GTECH Ambassadors to raise funds for their reclamation projects: from little free libraries to community gardens to a reservoir retreat, there’s something for everyone. Check out this post on an exciting new partnership with Pittsburgh nonprofit GTECH – helping reclaim vacant lots to learn how ioby helped citizens reclaim, repurpose, and reenergize empty lots.

3. Crowd-resourcing is an innovative approach to fundraising and community organizing

ioby mobilizes neighbors who have good ideas to become powerful citizen leaders who plan, fund, and make positive change in their own neighborhoods. ioby works with informal networks of neighbors and local leaders, as well as with 501c3 nonprofits at all phases of growth. If you are fundraising for a nonprofit whose mission helps to make a community greener, stronger, more livable, and more fun, crowd-resourcing on ioby can be a key part of your fundraising strategy. They are a nonprofit too and have designed services to support the great work you are doing in your community!  Check out this post on what you can do with ioby.

4. They are opening an office in Pittsburgh this Spring.

Now is the time and Pittsburgh is the place, and the timing couldn’t be better: following super-successful partnerships with Pittsburgh-based organizations The Sprout Fund and GTECH, ioby felt primed to take a deeper dive into Pittsburgh. So far, ioby has already directed more than $25,000 in citizen philanthropy to 17 projects in Pittsburgh. Check out this post on ioby’s big plans for growing neighbor-led change in Pittsburgh. 

5. The team offers incredible expertise, access, and support to drive your success

ioby provides citizen leaders and nonprofits working with them access to crowdfunding training webinars, and one on one support from ioby staff throughout their campaigns. ioby is a company that cares and they love what they do. Check out the incredible team you would get to work with through ioby and come meet Erin Barnes, ioby’s Founder and CEO at a Growler Hour on March 24th. Enjoy growlers of local beer at East End Brewery and tacos from La Palapa as you learn about ioby’s plans for growing positive neighbor-led change locally. This is a public event for nonprofits, public agencies, municipalities, community groups, and individuals that are interested in connecting their ideas with the crowdfunding resources to make it happen. Check out this post on the Growler Hour with ioby to learn more and register.


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